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Why A United And Together T-Shirt?

Why a United and Together T-Shirt?

In honor of our Independence Day, United and Together is offering a 15% discount on all purchases made through July 4, 2017. As always, 10% of your purchase goes to your choice of 1 of 4 American charities. Visit our store today!

The idea for United and Together, a non-partisan community designed to heal the divide among Americans, came to me during the last several months of the 2016 Presidential campaign. I was saddened to see friends and family turning against each other simply because of their individual choice of which political candidate they felt most comfortable supporting.

I noticed many people involved in the election, including people reporting on the election, starting to wear purple, a unity of the blue (democrat) and red (republican) colors. Each of the people wearing a purple tie, or purple shirt, etc. still stood up for their specific beliefs and didn’t hide their opinions. It was as if they were saying, while I may hold a different opinion than you, I still support your right to hold your opinion, and I still believe we are ALL Americans.

I wished there were a way for each of us to show

  • We support ALL Americans and their right to choose the best path for them.We support ALL Americans and their right to choose the best path for them.
  • Even if we don’t agree, we respect and reach out to our neighbor with kindness
  • While we continue to stand for our own beliefs, we will not support condemning someone because their beliefs differ from our own.

United and Together shirts embody the idea of a nation that is not divided by differences between individuals. In buying a shirt, you are helping to be a part of the solution, and showing your support to heal the divide in America.

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