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Listening • Understanding • Connecting

Thank you to the many people who donated to make our new podcast a reality! We couldn’t help bring America together without your amazing generosity!

Our wonderful donors:
  • Amy Sparkman
  • Arleen Pickett
  • Beth Bbariffi
  • Bob Roberts
  • David Irons
  • Doug Taylor
  • Ellen Lynch
  • Elizabeth Fedde
  • Fleurette Sevin
  • Gene and Debby Andrews
  • Gus and Hilary Torres
  • JeanAnn Nichols
  • Jill Hamilton
  • Joanie Bingham
  • Joanie Rhine
  • Judy Hutchinson
  • Martha Utz
  • Mason and Zibby McKown
  • Mike and Melanie (MPowered Bootcamps)
  • Nigel and Melody Daley
  • Patti Miller
  • Penny Nelson
  • Susan Wright
  • Tarn Wilson
  • Yemi Falokun
  • We also had several donors who wished to remain anonymous. Here’s a big shout out for their generosity too!
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