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Is Agreeing With Each Other The Key To Uniting Americans? No!

Is Agreeing with Each Other the Key to Uniting Americans? No!

By Marilyn Utz

Contrary to what you might think, United and Together is not about getting Americans to agree with each other. Nor is it about changing anyone’s views regarding their choice for President, their religious beliefs, or what causes they choose to fight for. Our mission is to heal the divide in America by helping all Americans learn to have compassion for one another, respectfully listen to each other, and get to know each other beyond the media infused labels of conservative, liberal, atheist, Christian, Muslim, gay, straight, or anything else.

But how do we start when so many of us just seem geared up for a fight? Or those of us who are so overwhelmed we just want to keep our head down and muddle through. The answer is actually quite simple – compassion, respect, and forming connections with each other. Our similarities far outweigh our differences.

Here are some simple tips for healing the divide in America:

  • Get to know someone who is different from you. What do they do for a living? Do they have children? Help them in some way, buy them a coffee, help carry groceries, volunteer. Reach out.
  • Just be willing to listen. Listening all by itself can heal a division. You don’t have to change your viewpoint, just listen.
  • Be kind, compassionate, and respectful. It’s okay to feel differently both for you and for others. Kindness, respect, and compassion keep communication and support open.
  • See beyond someone’s words. If someone is aggressive in their approach, try to understand why. Oftentimes people are fearful for their families or their own well-being and that fear comes out as anger.

Can these simple actions make a difference? Yes!

At United and Together, we believe many of us care deeply about our country and each other. Your willingness to show compassion and respect to everyone, even those with a different opinion, will bring us one step closer to healing the divide in our nation.

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