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Daughter-in-law And Father-in-law Listen To Each Other With Respect And Compassion

Daughter-in-law and father-in-law listen to each other with respect and compassion

Kt shares a beautiful story of how she and her father-in-law, while having very different experiences and viewpoints, are listening to each other with respect and compassion.

(The photo is from Kt’s “We Are One America” photo project celebrating our differences, while recognizing we are all connected as one.)

Here’s Kt’s story: I wanted to share this project with all of you because I feel it fits within the spirit and purpose of, United and Together. The photo below is one of many in the series, but this image in particular encompasses the idea that while we may not view the world in the same way, we can still find space to learn and listen to one another. While of course it may not be easy, and at times may actually frustrate the heck out of you, there is a way to disagree peacefully. Only through love will we heal.

My father in law, John Razumich, served in the Vietnam War. Here with his old Army jacket draped over his shoulder, his Vietnam vet visor on his head, and the flag draped over his leg he gives a look of strength, pride, and a hint of sorrow to the viewer. This look was striking to me for it is a look I am sure only a soldier can really understand at its core. When I asked John what message he would like to be attached to his image the answer he gave was simple, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Simple but oh so hard. John and I disagree on many issues, and yet we have found a way to listen to one another relatively compassionately and without huge fights erupting. This gives me hope that we may in fact find a way to “get along”.

John represents a part of America that is hard for me to understand, and I represent apart that is hard for him to understand, yet we are trying. Maybe we all can try?


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