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Amidst Tragedy – Generosity, Caring, Strength. This Is America.

Amidst Tragedy – Generosity, Caring, Strength. This is America.

By Marilyn Utz

Over the last year or two the world has been watching America become more and more divided. Instead of seeing us work together, the world has seen us fighting amongst ourselves, unable to express our differing opinions without sometimes hateful and even violent outbursts.

However, those disagreements quickly dissipated, as during this last week Houston and much of Texas was bombarded with one of the most devastating floods of our time. Houses are filling to the rooftops with water, freeways are covered in what look like oceans, people are carrying their small children through chest-high waters looking for shelter, while others cling to street signs waiting for rescue.

Amidst all of these terrifying images, people around the world, and in our great country, are seeing the solution and love that will repair these houses and freeways and care for the many families that now have to rebuild their lives. The images filling the Internet, social media, and the news are images of generosity, caring, strength, and people’s willingness to risk their own safety for the safety and care of others. Businesses, churches, and families are opening their doors to each other, giving shelter, food, and comfort to each other. This is America! And these are her people, living proof that “united and together, we stand.”

Gone are the days of arguing differing political viewpoints. What has appeared in place of those concerns is love for one another, support, bravery, and coming together as a state and as a nation. Each individual reaching out to someone in need is proving that in America our care and support for each other is much stronger than our differences. We are the United States of America and we will help each other, we will reach out, and we will find our strength in our unity and our care for one another.

To the many heroes who have risked their own safety, opened their doors, and worked around the clock for others, we thank you. The people of Texas will need our help and support for a long time to come. And we’ll be there as Americans, as friends and neighbors, as people, because United and Together We Stand.

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