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Listening • Understanding • Connecting

Our goals are simple.

  1. Help people with different opinions express their viewpoints through productive discussions.
  2. Talk to each other with compassion and a willingness to listen.
  3. Stand up for what you believe in, let your voice be heard, and take action without narrowly defining your neighbor as the enemy in every situation without even speaking to them.
  4. Get to know each other as individuals. Refuse to label each other with the media’s often negative and shallow view of both republicans and democrats.
  5. When we disagree on an issue, still treat your neighbor with respect and try to find some common ground. One issue does not need to divide us entirely.
  6. We all have something important to contribute to our great nation. Let’s help each other achieve our goals by treating one another with respect, lending a helping hand when we can, and encouraging each other.

The Creation of United and Together

Before the 2016 Presidential Election, I noticed an ever increasing rift between Americans based solely on their individual choice of political parties.

Two main things led to my desire to help us, as a country and a people, become more united.

  1. I saw an interview with a republican family (I am a very moderate democrat). As I listened, I realized I had many of the same concerns they did. I also realized the only difference was that they felt the needs of their family and friends had a better chance of being resolved and cared for if Donald Trump were in office. I felt my very, very similar concerns had a better chance of being resolved with Hilary Clinton. The big key was we had such similar concerns and honestly we were both somewhat fearful of what might happen with the other candidate. One of the women in this family had even been insulted very deeply by a close friend for her support of Trump and the long and special friendship ended. How sad, I thought. We are tearing at each other and honestly, that will solve nothing.
  2. I hoped once the election was over, no matter who won, that the bickering and name calling would stop. Sadly, the fighting escalated on both sides. I wanted to help find a way to get us listening to each other for who we are: fellow americans, friends, parents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, co-workers, etc. We are the United States of America and surely we can start having empathy for where each of us is coming from and begin building bridges of unity.

When I was growing up Congress was known for “working across the aisle”. Democrat and Republican representatives often compromised to find solutions that were for the good of the entire nation.

If we start listening to each other with respect and understanding for where each person is coming from, even if we don’t agree, I think we can help unite our precious nation.

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