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002: TheChisel’s Bipartisan Solutions – Founder Of TheChisel Deborah Devedjian

002: TheChisel’s Bipartisan Solutions – Founder of TheChisel Deborah Devedjian

Focused on shared values, common ground facts, and truly bi-partisan solutions, The Chisel gives everyone a new way to engage in political discourse on issues important to them.

Yes We Agree Website:

Bipartisan Survey: What’s Your American Dream  (purchase on their website)

TheChisel’s new national survey explores all sides of the political debate.

And demonstrates something almost unimaginable in 2018.

When it comes to our ideals, aspirations, and hopes for America:


TheChisel Website: is the first and only engagement platform created to help people and institutions with opposing views find common ground and reach agreement. TheChisel builds fact-based, consensus-driven solutions across multiple stakeholder groups.


Chisel Labs is an easy-to-use tool to help you—citizens and students alike—build your own local, state, or federal policy initiatives to get public feedback, improve your proposals, garner votes and support, and get your proposals into the hands of decision-makers! Successfully used by teams from American Enterprise Institute + Brookings/Urban Institute; US PIRG + National Taxpayers Union; Take Back our Republic + US PIRG; NRA + Brady Campaign; and many others!

More About Deborah
Founder & Chief Citizens’ Officer

Born in Philadelphia, Deborah Devedjian has been a leader in the global Education and Training industry and an expert in corporate governance—creating, building, investing in, and transforming organizations. Long committed to education and inquiry as the basis for democracy, she weaves together more than 20 years of experiences in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors to maximize learning, collaborative decision-making, and stakeholder value.

She’s served in founding or leadership positions with Copernicus Learning Ventures, Warburg Pincus, RoundTable Partners, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development, and The Boston Consulting Group. Deborah has chaired or served on the executive committee of 20+ not-for-profit boards, including Polytechnic University; Marlboro College; Elwyn, Inc. (for the developmentally challenged); French-American Foundation; Pennsylvania-Russia Business Council; Commission of Independent Colleges and Universities; Harvard Business School Club of New York; and Yale Reunions.

She attended public schools, has a BA from Yale and MBA from Harvard, but her father still hopes she’ll go to med school. Fluent in French and Armenian. Amusing in German and Italian. Deborah’s day is not complete without a dose of the Rolling Stones, Beethoven, and Coltrane. Deborah is an independent (small “i”). Her patron saint is Ben Franklin. She excels at “herding cats,” according to one business school dean.

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